Jasmine Thai Restaurant

Right across the street from the Destin Commons shopping center is a little place called Jasmine Thai Restaurant. Quite different from the Thai restaurants found in other places, this is the way that Destin does Thai.

The service is nice and friendly. Not like some Thai restaurants where English speaking bafoons feel disconnected from the wait staff, or have a hard time explaining their serious nut allergies in English.

The menu looks like a typical Thai menu, but when we first tasted the food, it surprised us. We enjoyed it. Normally I have at least one or two gripes with a Thai restaurant. Usually I'll complain about too small portions, food being too spicy, not enough rice, or the food being way too expensive, etc. But not here. I was pleased. The food prices were fair. No one is getting the deal of the century or anything, but at least I don't feel like I am getting my rear-end handed to me with 2 plastic-wrapped fortune cookies on the side.

The Fresh rolls are very tasty. Fresh veggies, shrimp, wrapped in rice paper dipped in a flavorful sweet sauce. The Pad Thai is one of Jamie's favorite dishes and she's picky about it. Unfortunately their's isn't the most outstanding Pad Thai she's ever had, but it's excellent nonetheless. The Sukie was a nice treat. A very generous portion of food with glass noodles and meat specially spiced. This is a definite winner.

The curry dishes are my personal favorite on any Thai menu. But I have found it very hard to be satisfied with most restaurants. I suppose because curry has so many different spices in it that it's very easy to get it wrong. Well, the curry here is really nice. Really nice. I get it every time I go. The green curry is sweeter than the others, and has a nice balance to it. I get my curry with boiled tofu instead of meat.

To top things off, one should try the sticky rice. The mango was fresh on the side. The dish is pleasant to the tastebuds. This dish has a different feel to it that the other Thai restaurants in the area. Worth trying.

All in all, this is a sure thing for your money if you are in the mood for Thai. We enjoy going here whenever we can.

Out of a Possible 5 forks, we give it:

Dependable Food Reviews

This is Sean Dietrich, the husband of local chef Jamie Dietrich. Years ago when I met Jamie, she had wanted be involved in food criticism. And if anyone is qualified to do it, it's her. Her palette has always steered us in the right direction for good food.

If there is one thing I hate, it's taking a blind risk on where to eat. Why take the chance of being disappointed? Because of my apprehension, I find myself caught in an endless circle of routine. The same restaurants, the same dishes, and the same results. I play it safe, I know what I'm getting when I order, but there is no excitement in it. If there was a food review that I could trust, I would eat it up. No pun intended.

Now, Jamie used to feverishly read the Northwest Florida Daily News' food reviews each week as if it were her religion. But since the newspaper cut the reviews back, there is not as much excitement when Jamie picks up the newspaper anymore. With the number of restaurants, and fine restaurants, in this overpopulated area, food reviews are more than neccessary. Especially for the sheepish out-of-towner who has no clue where to park their pallette for the evening.

So, without further adue, I introduce to you, our effort to combat culinary ignorance in our city, to seek out new restaurants and new establishments, to boldly go where no "foodie" has gone before. Ladie's and gentleman, THE DESTIN FOODIE RESTAURANT REVIEW.

Jamie will strive to be an objective passer-byer who can give you a reliable sense of local restaurants so that potenetial customers can make informed desicions about where to eat.


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